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Vistigator is a 100% open source free log analyzer web application that integrates with the most popular web server on the Internet, Apache HTTP Server.  Vistigator (pronounced Vist-uh-gator) tracks and graphically displays information about your website.  Information about prospective clients (e.g. times they visited, pages they visited, from where they visited, etc) are all important to marketing and to selling your product successfully.  Companies searching for information on prospective clients can easily use Vistigator to determine and to observe client patterns.

Vistigator Version

Because Vistigator is written in Java and adheres to J2EE standards, Vistigator can be theoretically deployed an infinite ways on various servlet containers and application servers, assuming JDK 1.4.2 or higher. Please note though that Vistigator is ONLY supporting Tomcat 5.0 and above, however Jetty, JBoss 3.x. JBoss 4.x, Weblogic 8.x, and Weblogic 9.x are also known to work well with Vistigator.  Because Vistigator is a highly scalable web application solution for tracking visitors, Vistigator requires a MySQL Database Server to store the website hits, visitors, website information, etc.  Simply said, any integration work to examine your hits, visitors, and statistics on your company's Apache HTTP Server can be done with one scalable and extensible solution, Vistigator.

Project Philosophy

1) Vistigator will ALWAYS remain open source.  We believe "free" means more than just obtaining the software free of charge, but free to absolutely do anything you want to do with it.

2) Vistigator will attempt to fix any bugs discovered in our software.

3) Vistigator will make an attempt to support your company in any way possible by responding actively to support requests, bug submissions, and feature requests.


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