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Files Overview

You can download Vistigator at one of the many mirrors SourceForge kindly offers by clicking here.  If you intend to install Vistigator, download vistigator-core-1.0.0-final.zip and vistigator-config-1.0.0-final.zip.  If you are planning to develop your own changes to a current Vistigator version for your personal use or company, download vistigator-src-1.0.0.zip and vistigator-javadoc-1.0.0-final.zip.  Note that unless you are an active Vistigator committer, edited source code is not supported.  We recommend that you add your suggestions by clicking here.  If you would like to join the Vistigator team, please post your résumé by emailing Louis dot Jeevan at gmail dot com.  Lastly, if you have proof that you or your company is actively using Vistigator, your requests are made at the top of our priority and may be considered in the next release.

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