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Vistigator Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly is Vistigator?

A: Vistigator is a web based, thin-client solution, that graphically displays stats about your website.  More specifically, we display individualized stats about the current "user".  This includes the times they visited, pages they visited, from where they visited, etc.

Q: Does Vistigator offer support?

A: Yes, we do. You can post bugs on our tracker. If you have questions regarding our software, they can be posted on our support requests. However, we do not presently offer "professional" or "enterprise" support.  On another note, if you are having issues with installation and configuration and you are a business eagerly wanting Vistigator up and running--no sweat.  We'll make every attempt to get Vistigator running under your environment.  If necessary, we'll even go as far as scheduling a VNC Remote Client Session to do a live install.

Q: You say Vistigator follows WORA, yet, you use shell scripts for Windows and Linux to import the website stats in the MySQL Database. Any changes for the future?

A: Yes, we plan to use Quartz scheduler in our 1.4.0 release.

Q: Does Vistigator have a release schedule?

A: No. However, we intend on releasing Vistigator versions at least 2-6 times per year, and if need be, a maintenance release of the version.

Q: What licensing scheme does Vistigator use?

A: Vistigator is licensed under the MIT license, which is in essence the same as the BSD/Apache scheme.  A major reason for selecting the MIT license is that it is friendly to businesses and home users.

Q: What if I have my Apache HTTP Server on one server, Tomcat server on another, and MySQL Server on another? Basically, what if my database and Tomcat server are not on the same server? Then what?

A: 1.4.0 will correct this issue about batch and shell scripting. If you are in this situation, you can post your issue on our support requests and we would be happy in assisting you to write either your shell script, batch script, or a mixture of both for each of your servers.

Q: What is it exactly that you support?

A: Almost anything related to Vistigator. In other words, we will not leave you hanging.  Many commercialized software vendors promise to support their software, yet, charge "hidden" consulting fees for configuring "the stuff that was left out" of their documentation. For instance, if you are unsure about how to install the MySQL Database, we will help.  If you are unsure on how to install the Connector/J and the commands that need to be issued to move the library to Tomcat on Linux, no problem.  Although our prerequisites require you to be proficient in the Linux and Windows environment, we will try to help all users.

Q: Will there be a supported upgrade process?

A: We will make every effort to have the upgrade process as smooth as possible.

Q: Does Vistigator provide support to all versions?

A: No, we only provide support to the most recent released version.

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